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November 16, 2022

04:35 PM - 04:55 PM EDT

Canada Hall 1 2022-11-16 20 MINS

The Evolution of a Company & CEO Through Chapters of Growth

Over the last eight years, Toronto-based B2B software startup Loopio has grown from 3 Co-founders to a 280-person strong company boasting over 1,400 customers. From 3+ years of bootstrapping, to being VC-backed for another 3+ years, and most recently, their Private Equity investment ($252 million CAD), Co-founder & CEO Zak Hemraj has had to constantly evolve himself and the company. In this session, you’ll learn about Zak's key takeaways from each distinct chapter of growth, how he's had to evolve as a CEO, and some challenges & failures along the way.



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The Logic




10:35 AM - 11:05 AM EDT

Canada Hall 1 2022-11-16 30 MINS

A Recession, Lower Valuations, Investment Pullback. What’s A Founder to Do? Three Seasoned Investors Weigh In

The investment frenzy we all witnessed in the fall of 2021 has suddenly come to a standstill. Investors are pulling back the reigns to re-evaluate their portfolios and investing strategies. The fallout of this free-for-all has seen SaaS start-ups downsize and brace for lower valuations.

Many startup founders are asking: what’s the path to weather this economic downturn? We curated three seasoned investors to convey their perspectives on the state of the market and what this means for valuations, resource allocation and raising money during this precarious time.



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OMERS Ventures



Bessemer Venture Partners

01:45 PM - 02:20 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2022-11-16 35 MINS

An Inside Look at Canada’s Best Managed SaaS Company with $500 million in Revenue, Valued At Over $5B USD

At a time when many tech companies are either stalling their employment expansion plans or cutting jobs, this company has hired 500 people already, was recently recognized in the Globe and Mail’s 2022 Report of Canada’s Top Growing Companies for the fourth consecutive year, and has a valuation topping US$5-billion. This makes it one of Canada’s most valuable privately held or publicly traded technology companies.

Join Sean Silcoff, Tech Reporter for the Globe and Mail as he talks to Mike Wessinger, Co-Founder and Executive Chair at Pointclickcare. They’ll discuss: How Pointclickcare operates, how to run a healthy software business, their recent acquisitions and more.



Business Reporter

Globe & Mail


Co-Founder & CEO

Pointclick Care

November 17, 2022

04:05 PM - 04:35 PM EDT

Canada Hall 1 2022-11-17 30 MINS

Global Scale & Entering New Markets: Top Things to Consider

As your SaaS companies grows, it becomes increasingly important to identify expansion opportunities. Global expansion is a huge opportunity for revenue growth. But with many cultural, financial and practical differences to consider, global growth depends on careful strategy and commitment.

In this session, join executives at Hubspot, Clio and Stripe as they talk about their approaches, challenges and global expansion strategies. This session will cover everything from readiness, commitment and resources as well as measuring success and the return on investment.



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Stripe Canada


Country Sales Director


02:55 PM - 03:30 PM EDT

Room 214 2022-11-17 35 MINS

The Product Led Sales Playbook

Dooly ranked No. 6 in the fastest-growing products list in 2022, ahead of other paragons of the PLG movement - ClickUp, Figma, Miro, Gong and Airtable. And Dooly's net revenue retention sits at an impressive 162%. How? Product Lead Sales (PLS).

More companies today are choosing to go Product-Led than ever before, but there’s a dirty little secret: The best PLG companies ALL have sales teams. And those top PLG companies have been practitioners of Product-Led Sales for a few years now, but education on the topic remains scarce. Until now.

Join, Co-Founder and CEO of Dooly, Kris Hartvigsen as he sits down with Sandy Mangat, Head of Marketing at Pocus to spill the tea on all things PLS.


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Head of Marketing


11:50 AM - 12:25 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2022-11-17 35 MINS

Workshop: Define & Differentiate Your SaaS Product Messaging & Positioning

In 2023, your budget is going to be tight. Every dollar you spend on marketing needs to work hard, so every ad, email, and landing page needs to convert window shoppers into new customers. Your product positioning and messaging is incredibly important. And copy is the sneaky SaaS marketer's tool that is so often overlooked, but when done well, it will turn words into dollars for your startup. In this practical session, we'll dig into three easy ways you can improve your product messaging and positioning and how they flow into your messaging and customer facing copy. We'll also tear up four volunteers landing page copy in real-time to demonstrate how to apply what you've learned.


Founder and CEO


02:15 PM - 02:45 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2022-11-17 30 MINS

Building Your Demand Gen Engine for Repeatable, Scalable SaaS Growth

Could your current approach to demand generation be prioritizing the wrong areas and limiting marketing’s contribution to pipeline? Having the right demand engine in place can take you from missing revenue targets to exceeding them. In this session, Shiv Narayanan, will walk you through his proven playbook to scale demand for your SaaS business. You’ll learn, why so many SaaS companies struggle to build a demand engine, a strategic way to increase marketing sophistication and 6 critical steps in a data-driven approach.



How to SaaS

12:30 PM - 01:20 PM EDT

Level 2 2022-11-17 50 MINS

Food for Thought

A 30-minute deep conversation with someone at a conference will set you up for years to come!

Food for Thought is designed around connections and discussions. Meet cool, highly relevant people, learn from your peers who have already solved the issues you’re working on and share your learnings with others!

11:50 AM - 12:25 PM EDT

Room 214 2022-11-17 35 MINS

Growing and Scaling SaaS Enterprise Sales

Jane’s “I’ll try that!” experiment in software sales escalated into a 20+ year career. During this time she has guided teams through rebuilds, transitions, soaring wins, crushing losses, and everything in between. Whether it’s rebuilding the sales team at Active Network, creating the first sales team at Unbounce, or re-imaging the entire sales function at Trulioo, Jane loves the architecture behind high-performing teams. In 2021, her Enterprise team grew new customers by 89% and bookings by 233% YoY. Her talk will teach you: Scaling your team for hypergrowth globally, how to build teams with sizzle, when (and when not!) to hire for specific roles
and avoiding growing pains as you scale.


Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales