About SAAS NORTH is recognized as the conference in Canada for the fastest growing SaaS companies to learn, network, and grow.


Well… THAT escalated quickly!  COVID-19 may have fractured plans for in-person conferences around the globe…But THAT won’t stop us from bringing together Canada’s best and brightest SaaS minds to learn, network and grow!

Introducing: SAAS NORTH NOW, our first virtual conference to be held September 9-10, 2020.

SAAS NORTH NOW is a fully-featured, remote conference that will facilitate meaningful connections and tactical strategies for adaptability, innovation and success in unprecedented times.  This extraordinary virtual version of the conference is being thoughtfully produced to generate connections, nurture relationships and provide a home-based experience that is high calibre, and low touch!

It is now easier than ever to meet new people that will have a significant impact on your business. No fluff, just real, actionable insights and face-to-face connections with your peers and global thought leaders in SaaS.  Join us on September 9-10, 2020!

“Co-founded by L-SPARK Corporation and Cube Business Media Inc., SAAS NORTH brings the entire Canadian SaaS ecosystem under one roof. Whether a start-up or a global brand, an investor or a service provider specializing in SaaS, SAAS NORTH is your opportunity to cross-pollinate with SaaS professionals from coast-to-coast.”

SAAS NORTH is recognized as the conference in Canada for the fastest growing SaaS companies to learn, network, and grow.

It all happened very quickly in 2016. L-SPARK, Canada’s leading B2B SaaS Accelerator recognized that there had not been one central destination for Canada to grow a strong SaaS community. Noticing a gap in the SaaS industry and an opportunity to bring world-class leaders together to connect and learn, L-SPARK formed a steering committee to develop a content-driven agenda that would generate Canada’s future SaaS Playbook for scaling a SaaS company.


Team photo at the end of year 1!

Shortly thereafter L-SPARK teamed up with CUBE Business Media to come on board as co-founders to bring the vision to life. Cube is a conference and exposition company that has a pedigree, having built some of Canada’s largest conferences.

Canada’s thriving SaaS ecosystem is abundant with quality entrepreneurs continuously entering the market.  SAAS NORTH is Canada’s go-to SaaS hub for founders, executives, service providers, investors and their teams; facilitating networking, knowledge sharing and access to resources to scale-up!