Your Lifecycle in SaaS: Customers, Innovation & Growth
Canada’s SaaS Conference for Companies Scaling Up


It is an exciting time to be leading a SaaS company, but how does your company stack up? Customers, innovation and growth have become the key pillars in the lifecycle of a Startup. SAAS NORTH 2018 will provide you with the tactical tools needed to scale-up, continue to innovate or find your next customer; as well as access to VC’s, entrepreneurs and corporate partners.

On November 28 & 29, join a community of rockstar entrepreneurs, innovators, and world-leading experts from across the SaaS ecosystem as they share their insights on driving exponential growth, building killer teams, and fundraising and partnership strategies.


Track Sessions

Track 1: Finding Your Next Customer – The Best Ways to Scale your Revenues
Finding your next customer is essential to scaling your revenues, but it takes a 360-degree view of your customers in order to ensure the metrics that matter are actionable towards your growth.

Track 2: Your Innovation Continuum – Survive or Thrive
Staying true to your core business while knowing when to place bets on future opportunities will have you walking a fine line between surviving or thriving.

Track 3: Scaling your Growth Engine
Scaling your growth engine to go from $10M ARR to $100M ARR starts with knowing how to leapfrog into acceleration mode.

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