Program Overview

SAAS NORTH is THE event for Canada's SaaS companies! The sessions are full of tactical expert advice, keynotes with lessons learned, and a great mix of investors attending to magnify the payback.

5x Saas North Attendee

Big Names + Inspiring Keynotes

Tactical + Practical Breakouts

Networking Events



Sessions that will go over SaaS industry trends and predictions.

Marketing & Growth

Marketing & growth sessions from the best SaaS practitioners on ways to nail + scale your marketing efforts.  


Learn SaaS sales from sales execs at fast-growing SaaS companies. We are covering everything from your first sales to strategies that scale.  

Customer Success

Expect to learn SaaS concrete strategies that improve your customer onboarding, conversion to paid usage, retention and upsell.


Everything from building your MVP, finding product-market fit to growing and scaling your SaaS product, platform and your product teams.


SaaS pricing strategies.


Hiring and retaining talent is on every founders + executive's mind. Hear how top SaaS companies attract, hire, and retain top talent.

People & Culture  

Building a great company culture.  

Operations & Scale

A look into the processes that successful SaaS companies put in place to scale successfully.  

Raising Capital  

Advice on raising funds for every stage of the SaaS journey, the best way to spend the investment and keep investor relationships healthy.


Learn SaaS M&A strategies. Both buy-side and sell-side.


Web 3.0 is here. What does it mean for SaaS companies?  

Sessions for every stage of SaaS: 

Ground Floor SaaS 
$0 – $1M ARR

Foundational, practical advice on what it takes to achieve product-market fit, how to get your first customers and gain traction. 

Start-up SaaS 
$1 – $10M ARR 

Insights from companies and people growing their SaaS from $1 – $10M ARR. 

Scale-up SaaS 
10M ARR & beyond 

Wisdom from the brightest stars in SaaS who are pioneering solutions that have surpassed $10M in ARR. 

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