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The post-covid area has presented a variety of opportunities and challenges for SaaS co’s that are scaling in Canada.  Some companies are flourishing while others face challenges. Despite this, overall software spending and opportunities for SaaS entrepreneurs will continue to increase, particularly driven by:  

-Advanced Integration of GenAI 

-Vertical SaaS for specific need cases 

-Low-Code/No-code disruption 

-Increased demand for collaboration software 

-Investments in security and other compliance tools 

To tackle the hurdles ahead, SaaS companies must evaluate their product-market fit, fine-tune operations to prioritize profitability, and adapt to ever-changing customer needs while adapting to trends in pricing and churn mitigation. 

At SAAS NORTH, you’ll delve into the latest trends and gain tactical insights on how to accelerate growth, fine tune your strategic market position and solve your most pressing challenges.  Discussions will focus on balancing profitability and growth, sustainable scaling, and where to prioritize investments. You’ll learn from industry experts about valuations, the increasing importance of secondaries and the expectations and challenges associated with fundraising 

SAAS NORTH equips founders with the tools needed to adapt to new and predicted realities, emphasizing efficiency, strategic hiring, and honest evaluations of product-market fit as key components for success in 2024!

Big Names & Inspiring Keynotes

I saw all the people I should be spending more time with that are my peers within the SaaS ecosystem. Whether they are investors, mentors, advisors, CEOs, founders, customers… everybody in Canada tends to be here!

Michael Litt
CEO and Founder, Vidyard

What We Cover at SAAS NORTH


Join over 2,000 SaaS Founders and their teams, along with their investors and the wider cloud software ecosystem at Canada’s largest gathering of SaaS professionals!

For an unparalleled opportunity to scale your SaaS business, join fellow SaaS professionals at SAAS NORTH to get tactical insights on fundraising, sales, marketing, product, leadership and customer success. Learn from successful founders and entrepreneurs who have already navigated the choppy waters of the SaaS landscape. Discover the latest trends and best practices and gain actionable advice on shifting your business in an ever-changing economic environment. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, from any role, function, or vertical, SAAS NORTH has something for you.

Topics Include:

The State of SaaS

Discover the latest SaaS industry trends and predictions to help you launch new products and tackle new markets. 

Marketing and Growth

Hear from the best SaaS practitioners on how to nail your marketing strategy and grow your revenues. 


Learn SaaS sales from sales execs at fast-growing SaaS companies. We cover everything from managing slowing sales to building sales teams and tackling enterprise customer acquisition. 

Customer Success

Explore concrete SaaS strategies that improve customer onboarding, conversion to paid usage, retention and upsell.  Churn rates are growing and customer acquisition costs are up and you need to adapt! 


Get up to speed on everything from building products using new technologies and finding product-market fit to growing and scaling your SaaS product, platform and product teams.  


Take a deep dive into SaaS pricing strategies that will optimize your revenue potential.  Discuss alternative pricing strategies including usage-based and consumption based-pricing. 


Discover how top SaaS companies attract, hire and retain the best talent to build top-performing teams. 

Leadership, People & Culture

Unlock the secrets to building a winning company culture that drives success and fuels growth. 

Operations & Scale

Take an in-depth look into the processes that successful SaaS companies implement to scale successfully. 

Raising Capital

Get advice on raising funds in the new capital landscape and for every stage of the SaaS journey. Learn the best way to spend the investment and keep investor relationships healthy. 


Learn SaaS M&A strategies. Both buy-side and sell-side. 

Disruptive Technology

Discover AI’s game-changing potential for SaaS companies and stay ahead of the competition with insights on its implications and impact. 


Ground Floor SaaS
$0-$1M ARR

Foundational, practical advice on what it takes to achieve product-market fit, how to get your first customers and gain traction.

Start-up SaaS
$1M-$10M ARR

Insights from companies and people growing their SaaS from $1 – $10M ARR. 

Scale-up SaaS
$10M ARR & beyond

Wisdom from the brightest stars in SaaS who are pioneering solutions that have surpassed $10M in ARR. 

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Bose? Pioneer? Klipsch? Our speakers are bigger, better, and louder than any of those brands! Prepare to have your brain exploded by the sheer volume and intensity of the knowledge thrust at you from each SAAS NORTH speaker!