Welcome! We’re excited to have you pitch to speak at SAAS NORTH.

Great talk proposals are crafted with care and intention. Please spend time on your proposal. Our speaker selection team has high standards for quality and value. We’re selective and look for exceptionally well-prepared speakers.

When you’re ready, please fill out this form with your information + session details.

Tell us about you + your session—or sessions (yes, you can apply twice)! You can submit sessions on behalf of yourself or someone you represent. For multiple submissions, you will need to submit a separate submission for each new session.


The first round of speaker applications are now closed. This form will remain open for applications to be considered for future events + last minute cancellation opportunities.

Before you get started on your application, we want to set some expectations.

Our conference program team is looking for SaaS professionals who want to share their knowledge.
All session content must benefit SaaS professionals growing and scaling SaaS businesses. No other content is approved.
We’re looking for solo sessions, panels and deep dives on hyper-tactical topics in fundraising, people & culture, sales, marketing, customer success and product.

Absolutely no pitching on stage. Put the audience above all other considerations. Your job as a speaker is to deliver an amazing experience – and real value – to those attending your talk. We look for diversity in speaker submissions. No repeat content.

We look for diversity in speaker submissions. No repeat content. While we are happy to work with PR teams in organizing sessions, in the run up to the show it is imperative that we connect with the speakers themselves.

If your application is successful, you agree to cover the cost of the logistics behind your attendance (travel, accommodation, etc.). You agree to allow us to distribute your content post-event, to use your image for marketing materials, record and distribute videos of your talk.

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