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Alacrity Ottawa

As part of the Alacrity Global start-up ecosystem, Alacrity Ottawa offers aspiring entrepreneurs the combination of a Master’s degree in engineering design, on-the-job experience, and mentoring services to launch new Canadian technology businesses.

string(23) “https://aws.amazon.com/”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

string(26) “https://www.autoklose.com/”
string(20) “https://betakit.com/”

BetaKit is the nation’s only independent publication dedicated to reporting on Canadian startups and tech innovation, we speak to the people tracking, financing, and building the next generation of Canadian companies.

string(17) “https://boast.ai/”

Boast improves claim quality, compliance, and audit readiness with our experienced technical staff, and we remove the mystery, complexity, and difficulty from the process to become your R&D source of truth. The faster you differentiate and compete through innovation, the more you win.

string(19) “https://www.bdc.ca/”

BDC helps create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financingadvisory services and capital, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

string(19) “https://corfix.com/”

Construction management software built to bridge the gap between the field and the office.

string(24) “https://www.creatio.com/” string(24) “https://craftandcrew.ca/”

Craft&Crew produces global SaaS websites. Google, SurveyMonkey, SAAS NORTH, and many of the world’s greatest startups leverage Craft&Crew’s proven process to reimagine their digital brands, convert record levels of leads, and scale into the future.

string(23) “https://www.cardata.co/” string(26) “https://www.innovation.ca/”
string(23) “https://duplocloud.com/”

We strive to make DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code accessible for everyone. Where application developers can focus on building applications rather than writing thousands of lines of code to automate well known operational workflows and compliance standards. Just as public clouds consolidated storage, compute, network, and OS into an out-of-box Infrastructure-as-a-Service, we will do the same for DevOps and cloud security.

string(32) “https://directiveconsulting.com/” string(27) “https://www.desjardins.com/”
string(29) “https://www.eosworldwide.com/” string(25) “https://www.enarainc.com/” string(21) “https://elabsinc.com/”
string(19) “https://www.edc.ca/”
string(25) “https://www.fasken.com/en” string(22) “https://www.formic.ai/”

We develop new and unique types of state-of-the-art large language models which are designed to have high performance at a low cost.

string(22) “https://forgeahead.io/” string(20) “https://flowcap.com/” string(24) “https://fieldeffect.com/”

After years developing security tools inside some the most complex environments in the world, we’ve designed the definitive cyber security solution: powerful enough to protect entire countries yet tailored for small and medium businesses like yours.

string(19) “https://fellow.app/”
string(21) “https://goodly.cloud/”

Goodly makes Hardware Lifecycle Management easy.

string(23) “https://www.ajg.com/ca/”
string(23) “https://www.hyyphen.io/”

Hyyphen integrates all your cloud and on-premise equipment, systems, and people to enable digital transformations, increase automation, and continue to free up humans from mundane tasks to focus on higher value tasks.

string(26) “https://www.howtosaas.com/” string(22) “https://www.hibob.com/”

HiBob’s HR platform, Bob, creates a work experience your people will love by giving HR, managers, and employees tools to connect, develop, and grow. Powerful analytics, seamless automation, and unmatched configurability keep you focused, while a beautifully intuitive UI and collaboration tools keep your people productive, engaged, and happy—no matter where or how they work.

string(28) “https://www.investottawa.ca/”
string(18) “https://ijw.ca/en/” string(27) “https://www.idaireland.com/”
string(17) “https://knak.com/”

Knak started with a simple idea: Let’s make life easier for marketers. Now hundreds of the world’s top brands and tens of thousands of marketers rely on Knak, and we set the standard for email and landing page creation platforms.

string(26) “https://www.klipfolio.com/”

We help people succeed with data. With the power of business intelligence, you can transform the way you use data to make confident, data-driven decisions.

string(24) “https://www.l-spark.com/”

We partner with multinational organizations to deliver unparalleled Canadian startup accelerators in high growth sectors such as Autonomous Vehicle/Connected Cars, IoT, CyberSecurity, and HealthTech.

string(28) “https://www.lemonadelxp.com/”

LemonadeLXP is a digital growth platform that turns your frontline staff into digital experts, supports staff in the flow of work, and helps customers on-demand (so they don’t have to call your contact center!).

string(24) “https://learnexperts.ai/”

Innovative companies use LearnExperts to build courses 3 times faster, saving thousands of dollars while still building quality training that looks just like an expert built it.

string(25) “https://www.launchlab.ca/”

We provide advisory services by pairing entrepreneurs with our team of experienced business owners from Kingston and most of southeastern Ontario for one-on-one mentorship and guidance.

string(23) “https://www.marsdd.com/”
string(31) “https://www.mondouxrollins.com/” string(31) “https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca”

Accelerate your SAAS business today. Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings people, knowledge, and benefits together to help founders at every stage solve startup challenges. Designed to help you develop at your own pace, you can unlock up to $150,000 in credits and additional time to build as your company grows. Sign up in minutes with no funding required. Learn more here: aka.ms/SAAS_Microsoft 

string(19) “https://massive.io/”

MASV is file sharing for creative workflows with big data demands. The type of projects that require hundreds of gigabytes—even terabytes to be delivered on time, regardless of location.

string(20) “https://novacene.ai/”

Analysts, subject matter experts and businesspeople alike use the NovaceneAI Platform to get to accurate and actionable insight. By automating the process to ingest, structure, enrich and visualize data, anyone can get the answers they need, quickly.

string(28) “https://www.numbercrunch.ca/” string(29) “https://www.nookcalendar.com/”

Nook Calendar is the free calendar app and scheduling tool that helps busy professionals plan their time together more efficiently.

string(18) “https://noibu.com/”

The Noibu Error Monitoring Platform. Detect and prioritize eCommerce errors, and have everything your team needs to resolve them with the Noibu platform.

string(21) “https://net2phone.ca/” string(19) “https://www.nbc.ca/”

National Bank was founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, over 160 years ago. Our Technology and Innovation Group works with the advisory and investment community to provide banking solutions for technology companies. Our dedicated specialists can offer banking solutions adapted to whatever your technology company’s field of expertise is, to all phases of its development.

string(23) “https://www.oomple.com/”

We are the leading global marketplace empowering the next generation of on-demand professionals connecting them to companies looking for an agile workforce.

string(32) “https://www.oxia-initiative.com/”

Oxia Initiative is a Montreal-based company that was founded in 2018. We design methodologies and tools for measurement of GHG emissions, in synergy with investors, investees and governments.

string(21) “https://www.proxi.id/”

Instantly verify millions of students, faculty, military, government, and non-profit employees to grow your business and increase brand loyalty.

string(25) “https://www.produce8.com/”
string(22) “https://rsmcanada.com/” string(28) “https://www.riskbalance.com/” string(19) “https://rewind.com/”

Back up, restore, and copy the critical information stored in your SaaS applications.

string(17) “https://raven.ai/”

Raven’s OEE software combines and analyzes operator input and machine data to provide a clear timeline of all OEE and production losses — with context for everything that’s happening on the line, 100% of the time.

string(24) “https://stratford.group/”

Seasoned business leaders helping private companies, public companies and government organizations solve their challenges and achieve their goals.

string(23) “https://www.shippie.ca/”

Shippie is a data-driven delivery technology business founded by a team that wholeheartedly understands the headaches and issues that come with running modern commerce. Our mission is to standardize same-day delivery, starting with the Greater Toronto Area.

string(28) “https://www.strikegraph.com/”

Strike Graph’s flexible platform helps you create a scalable security and compliance program that builds trust at every stage of growth. Get certified quickly and easily with SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance.

string(32) “https://www.softwaresecured.com/” string(30) “https://simplestoryvideos.com/”

Simple Story, a video marketing agency in Ottawa, designs custom targeted videos. We are artists, marketers & storytellers to help tell your brand’s story.

string(16) “https://sidi.io/”

Sidi.io is a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in demand generation strategy and execution primarily for companies in the B2B technology, arts & entertainment and healthcare industries.

string(30) “https://www.sherweb.com/en-ca/”

Our full-fledged cloud management platform, driven by evolving business needs, empowers IT professionals to leverage agile solutions paired with 5-star service by trusted experts they can count on.

string(33) “https://www.roynat.com/ca/en.html” string(33) “https://www.sampfordadvisors.com/” string(32) “https://salesplaybookbuilder.io/” string(27) “https://www.sage.com/en-ca/”

From startup to enterprise solutions, Sage Business Cloud has innovative accounting software to manage your money, people, payroll, payments & more.

string(17) “https://sada.com/”
string(21) “https://firehood.net/” string(20) “https://trexity.com/”

Trexity is a same-day on-demand local delivery technology platform for online and bricks & mortar businesses. We enable businesses of all sizes to deliver physical products in near real-time to their customers.

string(20) “https://trellis.org/”

Your in-person, hybrid and virtual fundraising software. Engage your donors with modern tools to easily raise more.

string(25) “https://www.tothenew.com/”

TO THE NEW is a digital technology firm providing digital transformation and product engineering services to ISVs, Consumer Internet, and large enterprises across the globe. We design & build digital platforms and products with Cloud and Data at the focal point.

string(28) “https://www.theanswerco.com/”

The Answer Company is a top ERP Consulting Group committed to propelling your business forward with customized ERP software solutions.

string(30) “https://www.talkshopmedia.com/” string(32) “https://www.takeiteasygroup.com/”
string(23) “https://www.vfairs.com/”

vFairs is an all-in-one hybrid, in-person and virtual events platform that helps you host amazing events that delight audiences.

string(16) “https://wrk.com/”

We built Wrk to simplify how work is done. We do that with our easy-to-use Hybrid Automation platform that gives ambitious businesses the full array of automation options without any of the headaches.

string(21) “https://www.welbi.co/”

Founded in 2016, Welbi improves the quality of life of older adults like our parents and grandparents by transforming the way senior living communities care for them.

string(21) “https://www.zoho.com/”

Unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.

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