Senior Ambassador Program Specialist

Kristin Kerr is a highly skilled marketing professional living and working in Calgary, Alberta. With a focus on growth marketing, Kristin specializes in partner marketing, business development, sponsorship management, and customer acquisition. Her expertise lies in forming valuable relationships with industry influencers and solopreneurs to enhance their personal and professional brands through authentic human-to-human connections. With a deep understanding of the power of mutually beneficial partnerships, she excels at driving conversions by genuinely connecting with like-minded individuals and effectively connecting her understanding of their needs back to business objectives.

Throughout her career, Kristin has successfully assisted several brands in increasing awareness through influencer marketing. However, it was during the pandemic in 2020 that she discovered a newfound passion for the SaaS industry. Adaptability is a core value for Kristin, as she embraces change and thrives in dynamic environments. She continually seeks opportunities to gain a fresh perspective and appreciates the unique aspects of every industry she works in. With her proactive “get stuff done” attitude, she ensures results are achieved and enjoys every moment of the journey. Outside of her professional pursuits, Kristin is a devoted dog mom, a cocktail enthusiast, and a social butterfly. To unwind and recharge, she loves spending quality time in Alberta’s Rockies, surrounded by close friends and family. With her extensive experience in marketing and partnership development, coupled with her passion for building meaningful connections, Kristin is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry while bringing a positive and energetic presence to any team or organization she joins. Kristin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with a major in Public Relations from Mount Royal University.