I am a passionate problem-solver, seeking out an organization’s biggest challenges and solving them with data and analytics. My background includes working in an innovation lab, developing new data & analytics products, and supporting day-to-day analytics business operations. In my current role, I lead over 300 data & analytics and IT professionals, including data scientists, software engineers, developers, product owners, marketing operations experts and analytic service delivery consultants. During my current tenure, I have overseen the migration of our data from a relational database on a physical server into a cloud-based data lake which takes advantage of on-the-fly data transformations and processing. I have upgraded our MarTech infrastructure, integrated data science modelling directly into our marketing channels, and developed models to support new revenue through data as a service. I believe that successful data and analytics projects involve more than simply technical development. In leading these projects I support not only the technical aspects of innovation, but also the evolution of business processes and service delivery models that are required for full implementation of a new solution into the business. This requires extensive collaboration and communication with other senior leaders in the organization – both on the technical side of the business as well as on the service delivery side.