Event category: Disruptive Technology & Innovations


November 16, 2023

02:15 PM - 02:50 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2023-11-16 35 MINS

Building Defensibility in Products in the Era of Generative AI

During this session, Brandon Zhao from Two Small Fish Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, will speak on the importance of building defensible products in today's tech landscape. By leveraging the powerful combination of network effects and the transformative potential of generative AI, they showcased how businesses can redefine their atomic units, boost supply through AI-driven content generation, and enhance user engagement through hyper-personalization. This paradigm shift not only strengthens a product's competitive edge but also creates avenues for innovative business models and offers unprecedented user value.

11:25 AM - 12:05 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2023-11-16 40 MINS

The Future of AI and Automation

This session will explore the world of automation and learn when and how to utilize it effectively to streamline manual and repetitive tasks. We’ll explore real-life use cases and practical examples of how AI and automation can work for you and make your workflow more efficient. So you can focus on tasks that truly require your expertise.

November 15, 2023

09:20 AM - 09:50 AM EDT

BetaKit Keynote Stage 2023-11-15 30 MINS

Navigating Enterprise Sales in the AI Era: Startup Lessons from Success and Failure

In today's challenging economic landscape, enterprise sales present formidable hurdles. When it comes to marketing AI-based technology, the stakes are even higher. This presentation delves into the intricate world of selling AI solutions to enterprises, offering essential do's and don'ts to successfully navigate this complex terrain and achieve sustainable growth in an evolving market.

08:55 AM - 09:20 AM EDT

BetaKit Keynote Stage 2023-11-15 25 MINS

AI Revolution: Transforming the World of Work

As machines become adept at comprehending and conversing in language, we stand on the cusp of realizing the boundless potential of this technology. Join us for a discussion that delves deep into exploring the next 18 months in AI and its potential to propel an intellectual workforce revolution.