Partner / General Manager

Real Ventures / Founder Fuel

Katy is a natural connector of people and ideas in service of helping good people succeed. Partner at Real Ventures and General Manager of FounderFuel, Katy is a multilingual executive with a 20+ year history of managing high-performing product, business intelligence and marketing teams across various public and private industries including venture capital, artificial intelligence, gaming, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications and nonprofits. 

Katy is ICD.D board certified and serves as an independent board member for Loto-Québec (a crown corporation), the MT Lab Incubator and Réseau Capital. As an early-stage investor, she sits on 11 startup boards as a member, observer or advisor. Since 2013, Katy has also led TEDxMontréal, a non-profit dedicated to elevating Montreal-born ideas onto the global TED stage. 


Katy is dedicated to helping founders level up by cultivating their self-awareness, developing a #givegenerously mindset and learning from Real Venture’s rich network of mentors and founders. Prior to joining Real, Katy spent 3 years at Element AI, scaling from pre-Series A to its global footprint as Canada’s largest AI company prior to its exit via acquisition.

A guest lecturer and triathlete, she adores reading fiction of all sorts and cycling or running to unwind.