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Growing a 8-Figure SaaS Business with Alison Taylor of Jane App

Alison Taylor, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Jane, began her entrepreneurial journey by opening a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic called Canopy in 2011. Running and owning a small business taught Ali the foundations of business along with a deep empathy for the life of a small business owner. In 2014, Ali and co-founder Trevor launched a new business called Jane. Jane is now being used by over 100,000 practitioners around the world to run their practice.
In this unapologetic founder-focused talk, Ali will talk about Jane’s story, growth, challenges, failures, successes, and more. She’ll teach you Jane’s unique growth model along with their approach to sales, support, and customer success as well as her lessons learned from growing a 8-figure product-led SaaS business.

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