Since 2016, SAAS NORTH has brought together leading SaaS companies and their teams to learn, network and grow! Our vision for 2020 is to bring together the greatest SaaS minds from Canada and abroad to share tactical strategies for adaptability, innovation, and success in unprecedented times. Unite and share knowledge with fellow leaders at our 5th Anniversary event.




















Michele Romanow Clearbanc
Tope Awotona Calendly
Tara Bryant Pipedrive
David Ossip Ceridian
Lauren Robinson Highline BETA
Michael Litt Vidyard
Harley Finkelstein SHOPIFY
Kerri Connelly Microsoft
Lance Laking MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund

SAAS NORTH has seen tremendous growth…This is a great place for SaaS companies to meet others…” -Co-Founder & President, Clearbanc

I was here last year and it worked out really well. Met a lot of really cool companies, and I’m here for more of that this year -CEO + Founder, Calendly

I’m really impressed with how organized SAAS NORTH is, and the level of participants that are here. When you go around you see these top investors, and top founders and top executives. It’s really impressive that we’re all able to take out of their busy schedule because it’s just that important and you get so much out of it. – SVP of Sales, Pipedrive

SAAS NORTH brings a lot of value to the SaaS ecosystem. You get not only the companies, but also the mentors, financiers and partners that the companies can leverage. I think it’s wonderful to have so many people together looking at innovation in Canada. – CEO , Ceridian

SAAS NORTH is a must attend for Canadian SaaS companies looking to scale globally. Quality companies, strong program, and calibre of attendees that keeps getting better every year, makes this an event you don’t want to miss. -COO, Highline BETA

I saw all the people I should be spending more time with that are my peers within the SaaS ecosystem. Whether they are investors, mentors, advisors, CEOs, founders, customers… everybody in Canada tends to be here! -CEO and Founder, Vidyard

I love that SAAS NORTH has built one of the greatest SaaS conferences globally right here in Ottawa. -Chief Operating Officer, Shopify

I am inspired by the passion, energy, and expertise of the SaaS community in Canada. It all comes together at SAAS NORTH with great content and networking. -Director Partner Development, Developer Experience, Microsoft

Such a great vibe from SAAS NORTH! It was the go-to show for VC investors to be able to meet with ventures from start-up to scale-up. Bravo!! -Investment Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund