Michael Levine is the Co-CEO of Cardata, a vehicle reimbursement software company servicing clients in the US and Canada. He and his business partner made the entrepreneurial acquisition of Cardata in 2020 and have since grown the business from 15 individuals to nearly 65. Michael heads the engineering operations, product technology and finance divisions of the business. He is also co-founder and managing partner at Spruce Grove Capital, the search fund behind the Cardata acquisition.

Prior to leading Cardata, Michael was in associate roles at Lynx Equity and BDO Canada, working on high value deals, company valuations and portfolio operations across a variety of industries. Prior to that, Michael was part of the Executive Team Leader development program at Target Canada where he supported their groundbreaking expansion into Canada.

Michael holds a BSc in Molecular Biology from Queens University and an MBA from the University of Toronto.