Lloyed Lobo


Lloyed is the Co-founder and President of Boast.AI, a fintech platform that automates access to billions in R&D tax credits and government funding to help innovative companies fuel their growth.

Lloyed also runs Traction, Boast.AI’s community of +100k innovators that brings leaders from the fastest growing companies to share learnings on building, growing, and scaling companies via weekly webinars, regular meetups, and conferences.

Lloyed has been covered in Forbes, TechCrunch, Fox Business, and VentureBeat, and has been featured on reputed podcasts such as Entrepreneurs on Fire, Leveling Up, and Rocketship.fm.

My Sessions

Don’t Let Rejection Rule You… Let it Fuel You


7 Steps to Leverage Pain to Unlock Personal & Professional Growth   90% of startups fail and the founders behind them often silently struggle with extreme stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout.    While mental health isn’t a topic that’s readily discussed when it comes to entrepreneurship, it is vital to the success of any startup.    In this session, Lloyed […]


Round-Up of Canadian Soonicorns

BetaKit Keynote Stage

We have had an unprecedented run of Canadian unicorns in the last 18 months.  We all heard about these great organizations – they had been putting in the work for YEARS but were often under-celebrated until they finally got anointed with their Unicorn valuation, often due to foreign investment.   Are we going to wait another […]