SAAS NORTH PitchFest, presented by Dentons and AWS, will feature 8 companies that will pitch to a panel of judges. Join us at the Main Stage from 1:40-2:25pm on Wednesday, November 28th and from 1:50pm - 2:35pm on Thursday, November 29th and hear these companies pitch!

Winner will receive $5000 cash from AWS, and other in-kind prizes. People's Choice Vote determines the winner at the end of day 2!


Aiven offers open source software as fully managed black-box service on all the major public clouds. Aiven portfolio includes, open source PostgreSQL (with roughly 25 extensions), Apache Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Cassandra, InfluxDB, Redis, and Grafana. 

AlphaKinetic is a personalized, real-time concussion recovery solution that helps affected individuals understand their condition and methodically guides them on their road to recovery. Our advanced analytics pair with portable EEG headsets and provides real-time monitoring and guidance of daily activities to optimize recovery and recovery time.

Crescendo is a diversity education tool. It sends employees short videos and tips inside of Slack and Microsoft Teams to help them be more empathetic, while also providing leadership with insight into changes in workplace behaviour. Our mission is to use technology to provide scalable, real-time diversity training right where employees need it. Helping build an inclusive company from the ground up. 

Desk Nibbles makes it easy for offices to order snacks, beverages, fruit and more that employees actually love.

FanSaves is a mobile app that allows sports fans to receive discounts and deals from the sponsors of their favourite professional and junior teams. Our platform allows businesses who sponsor teams to directly track their return on investment, as well as other valuable customer data.

We are changing the face of sponsorships and putting brands in the hands of sports teams' fans.

Locelle is a women only platform that offers professional women a safer and easier way to meet like-minded women locally. Powered by machine learning, Locelle's proprietary matching algorithm connects women based on interests, activities, time and location.

Companies looking to attract and retain top female talent as a diversity and inclusion initiative can offer Locelle as part of their social health benefit in their on-boarding package. Women can connect with like-minded female staff as well as forge connections with like-minded women externally.

Available in both iTunes and Android, Locelle is already being used by women in big tech companies where inclusion is often a challenge.

We build virtual storefronts for experience based retailers to recreate their in-store experience online.

Human cognition ability to focus has fallen by 50% since the advent of mobile, leading to productivity levels dropping by 35% as Sales Professionals suffer from Attention Deficit. This is why most organizations fail to meet their sales forecasts. SalesChoice’s proprietary AI Insight Engine analyzes data in and outside the CRM to predict the likelihood of deals closing, so that sales teams can focus their limited time on the most likely opportunities. Its Explainable AI is not “black box” and explains the reasons behind the predictions to enable contextual decision making. By solving the focus and productivity issues, the software helps puts back millions of lost dollars into the economy. The solution also shows data quality for every field and user in the CRM which allows organizations to improve the dataset and get accurate insights from not just SalesChoice but other tools as well! SalesChoice'e national award-winning AI Insight Engine(TM) thus helps companies reduce cost-of-sales by 20% and increase topline revenue by 10%.

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