Co-Founder & CEO

Workleap (formerly GSoft)

Simon De Baene is the visionary dreamer behind Workleap, a company with a mission to create the next generation of tools that make work simpler, kinder and faster. Built for today’s leaders and their teams, Workleap products aim to make work really work by fostering engagement, performance, growth, and productivity within organizations.  Currently, these products are used in over 20,000 companies worldwide.

It was his desire to enable everyone to fulfill themselves at work that led him to found Workleap, formerly known as GSoft, when he was just 20 years old and still studying software engineering at university. His refreshing vision of the working world has allowed him to build one of Canada’s strongest technology companies, which now brings together over 400 people and generates an annual revenue of over 100 million dollars.

One thing is certain, Simon De Baene is determined to build a company that stands the test of time. And this is only the beginning.