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The future is moving fast…really fast. With the adoption and integration of generative AI, increased pressure on profitability, changes in B2B buying behaviours, shifting regulatory environments, and looming global competition, SaaS companies need to be innovative, yet stable to remain competitive and see big growth. But what will it take for the strong to survive?  

You have questions? We have answers.  

The 9th Annual SAAS NORTH, – Canada’s SaaS Conference, promises to give you buckets of tactical knowledge from SaaS entrepreneurs and industry experts who are enthusiastic and willing to share their real-life learnings and advice. From the good, the bad, to the ugly, to the blow-your-mind awesome and informative, sessions and panelists will explore four major themes guaranteed to give some pizzazz to your SaaS. 

Leadership, People & Culture

Build a great workplace by focusing on strong leadership, caring for people, and creating a vibrant culture.

Finance, Fundraising and Exits

Discover how to manage financial resources, secure investment, and plan a strategic exit to maximize returns.

Product & Customer Success

Create high-quality products and ensure your customers are satisfied.

Sales & Marketing

Learn how to generate leads more, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Topics Include:

The State of SaaS

Explore the latest SaaS trends, tackle fads and challenges, and unlock future predictions to supercharge your products and discover new markets.

Marketing and Growth

Get exclusive insights from top SaaS experts to perfect your marketing strategy and skyrocket your revenue growth.


What’s your secret sales sauce? We cover managing slowing sales, building sales teams, SEO, data metrics, organic growth, email marketing, and enterprise customer acquisition.

Customer Success

Dive into practical SaaS strategies to enhance onboarding, drive conversions, boost retention, and increase upsells—crucial for tackling rising churn rates and higher acquisition costs!


Get up to speed on everything product-market fit. Learn how successful SaaS entrepreneurs are expanding product offerings and scaling product teams.   


Is the price right? Dive into SaaS pricing strategies to optimize your revenue, including usage-based and consumption-based pricing.


Are you attracting and retaining great talent? Discover how top SaaS companies hire and keep the best to build top-performing teams.

Leadership, People & Culture

What separates top SaaS CEOs from the rest? Learn how they lead, what makes them tick, how they bounce back from failure, and more, directly from your peers and top SaaS founders and leaders.

Operations & Scale

Are you scaling properly? Take a deep dive into areas that could be holding you back from accelerating even more than you thought. Cut the fat to be lean and mean and scale successfully. 

Raising Capital

Get advice on raising funds at every SaaS stage, from equity and debt to subscription models and venture capital, and learn to maintain healthy investor relationships.


“Should I stay or should I go now?” – Are you M&A ready? Learn what it takes to prepare your company for the best valuation and make it attractive to investor and buyers. Time to get rid of those dust bunnies. 

Disruptive Technology

Discover how AI and other disruptive technologies are revolutionizing the SaaS landscape. Learn specific strategies to harness these innovations for unparalleled growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. 


Ground Floor SaaS
$0-$1M ARR

Foundational, practical advice on what it takes to achieve product-market fit, how to get your first customers and gain traction.

Start-up SaaS
$1M-$10M ARR

Insights from companies and people growing their SaaS from $1 – $10M ARR. 

Scale-up SaaS
$10M ARR & beyond

Wisdom from the brightest stars in SaaS who are pioneering solutions that have surpassed $10M in ARR. 

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Bose? Pioneer? Klipsch? Our speakers are bigger, better, and louder than any of those brands! Prepare to have your brain exploded by the sheer volume and intensity of the knowledge thrust at you from each SAAS NORTH speaker!