Founder & CTO/COO


Roberto is the co-founder and holds the roles of COO and CTO at Paper. He leads the technology, service, and operations teams to advance the educational support solution, providing every student with the opportunity to excel.

Roberto embarked on his academic journey with a graduate degree in computational neuroscience from McGill University. During his tenure in academia, he discovered a natural aptitude for computer science and data analysis. This revelation prompted Roberto to make a pivotal decision, leaving his studies to pursue a career in technology.

It was during this career transition that Roberto crossed paths with his co-founder, Phil. Phil, a former educator, had witnessed the stark disparities within our education systems and was determined to rectify them. Inspired by Phil’s mission to bridge the equity gap in education, Roberto found motivation and purpose in joining forces.

In 2014, Roberto and Phil joined hands to establish Paper, and from its inception, they remained unwavering in their commitment to democratize education. Each day, Roberto is honored to work alongside their dedicated team, collectively striving to realize their shared vision of expanding academic support access for every student.