General Manager, Azure Databricks & Applied AI


Lindsey has been working at Microsoft for more than 28 years and has held many strategic engineering leadership roles. Currently, Lindsey Allen is the General Manager of Azure Databricks. Azure Databricks is Microsoft first party service, developed in an unique partnership with Databricks. Azure Databricks remains the fastest growing cloud Data service on Azure. As GM and product owner of Azure Databricks, in close partnership with Databricks, Lindsey is responsible for product engineering, operationalization, commercialization and GTM of the service on Azure, maintaining a close collaborative relationship with Databricks CEO and executives.

Previously, Lindsey was GM of Data Science in Azure Data and AI Platform R&D, focusing on applied AI innovations, especially early days of incubating OpenAI LLM models and Microsoft LLMs models (Turing) with our strategic customers on meaningful business solutions, taking a step beyond building LLMs into Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services.

Before taking on GM of Data Science role, Lindsey has been the Head of Product for Microsoft SQL family product line including SQL Server, PDW appliance, Azure SQLDB, and Azure SQLDW. Responsible for the product design, planning, GTM, and P&L of the product line both on-prem and in Azure.