Building SMB SaaS Unicorns: The strategies and Benchmarks Emerging from Best-in-Class SMB SaaS Companies

November 18, 2021 | 09:05 AM - 09:30 AM EDT

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  • November 18, 2021 | 09:05 AM - 09:30 AM EDT
  • BetaKit Keynote Stage




Bessemer Venture Partners

SMB is a quickly maturing category of SaaS, with new companies constantly emerging to solve new issues and address new verticals of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) customers. SMB SaaS companies are able to grow rapidly and capital efficiently by servicing specific niches or underserved segments of customers, and by discovering new distribution mechanics. The metrics that matter for these companies are slightly different than true enterprise SaaS, and represent a blend of best-of-breed consumer and enterprise metrics. SMB SaaS companies that reach unicorn status are usually able grow beyond their initial markets by moving to new verticals, going upmarket, or layering on additional services like embedded fintech (many do all three!). Come and learn the strategies and benchmarks they used to make it happen!