Event category: Disruptive Technology & Innovations


November 15, 2023

02:25 PM - 03:00 PM EDT

Room 210 2023-11-15 35 MINS

Dominating an Industry with AI

The future of many industries will be influenced by AI, but in industries with legacy tech, outdated systems and archaic processes, the opportunity to pioneer and dominate an entire industry with the advancements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will enable innovation to surpass all previous growth trajectories.
In this breakout session, Solon will explore how AI can be a catalyst that enables a startup to dominate distributing innovative technologies to market faster than ever before, as well as the challenges that come with it.



Managing Partner

Fresh Founders


CEO & Co-Founder


03:10 PM - 03:50 PM EDT

Room 213/215 2023-11-15 40 MINS

From Ideation to Impact: Zapier’s Playbook for Building AI Products

An in-depth look into how Zapier navigates the complexities of AI development. Reid Robinson, Lead Product Manager of AI at Zapier, will cover Zapier’s end-to-end approach to creating AI-driven features and products, offering actionable insights on effectively integrating AI into your SaaS product roadmap. You’ll also learn how to identify and prioritize the data crucial for building impactful AI features and products. Additionally, we’ll explore practical ways to weave AI into your existing product development process.


Lead AI Product Manager


11:05 AM - 11:40 AM EDT

Room 210 2023-11-15 35 MINS

Evolving to SaaS: Bridging TradFi and DeFi Frontiers

Join Vince Kadar, the leader behind Polymath's evolution from a blockchain-focused company to a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) company, as he explores his learnings from the forefront of disruptive technology solutions. With over 25 years of experience in scaling startups and innovating in the realms of financial software, telecom, and fintech, Vince will share his insights on the strategic shift that led Polymath to reimagine its role in capital markets, bridging the gap between traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).
You'll gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities encountered during this transformative journey, being at the edge of the alternative investing industries, and learn how the company is successfully adapting to the ever-changing landscape of finance and technology.




November 16, 2023

03:30 PM - 04:00 PM EDT

BetaKit Keynote Stage 2023-11-16 30 MINS

The whisper effect: How to find your customers in an age of noise

Every smart business leader is asking the same question right now: How do I find my customers when they, uh, don't want to be found?

AI is flooding the internet with mediocre content, new competitors are popping up out of thin air every day, and your customers are turning on privacy settings to shut out the noise. And there is so much noise. Only a vanishingly small number of companies will be thoughtful and inventive enough to break through. In this eye-opening talk, Sarah Stockdale uses research and stories to show you how to sidestep the clamour to find your customers in places your competitors aren't looking so you can build a brand that actually matters to them.


Founder and CEO


01:55 PM - 02:30 PM EDT

Room 214 2023-11-16 35 MINS

Building Defensibility in Products in the Era of Generative AI

During this session, Brandon Zhao from Two Small Fish Ventures, an early-stage venture firm, will speak on the importance of building defensible products in today's tech landscape. By leveraging the powerful combination of network effects and the transformative potential of generative AI, they showcased how businesses can redefine their atomic units, boost supply through AI-driven content generation, and enhance user engagement through hyper-personalization. This paradigm shift not only strengthens a product's competitive edge but also creates avenues for innovative business models and offers unprecedented user value.



Two Small Fish Ventures

03:05 PM - 03:30 PM EDT

BetaKit Keynote Stage 2023-11-16 25 MINS

Navigating Enterprise Sales in the AI Era: Startup Lessons from Success and Failure

In today's challenging economic landscape, enterprise sales present formidable hurdles. When it comes to marketing AI-based technology, the stakes are even higher. This presentation delves into the intricate world of selling AI solutions to enterprises, offering essential do's and don'ts to successfully navigate this complex terrain and achieve sustainable growth in an evolving market.


CEO & Founder