Why we’re donating to ALS Society of Canada

While many businesses today are directing their charitable donations to support COVID-19 related initiatives, we wanted to do our part to support a charity close to our hearts. The SAAS NORTH team will be donating $10 of each ticket sold to the ALS Society of Canada in support of our dear friend, Greg.

In 2015, Greg Smith, the Chief Investment Officer at TIMIA Capital made an important introduction that ignited the idea behind SAAS NORTH. Greg was instrumental in initiating discussions between L-Spark and Cube Business Media Inc., the founders of SAAS NORTH.

Unfortunately, Greg was diagnosed with ALS and is now battling this disease. His determination and humour has provided support to our team as we continue to grow Canada’s SaaS conference. When we asked Greg if he was ‘cool’ with us sharing why we are supporting ALS Canada, he said:

“Absolutely, no problem. Awareness and money, that’s what we need to do to find a cure for this ?disease.”

So, in support of Greg and others suffering from ALS, SAAS NORTH NOW will be donating $10 of each ticket sold for SAAS NORTH 2020 to the ALS Society of Canada. Without his support, the SAAS NORTH Conference (now celebrating its fifth year) might not have happened, so thank you Greg.

From the SAAS NORTH team