How aligning values leads to investment

The Importance of Aligning Your Values with the Right Partners: HiMama and Round 13 Capital

One of the things we love to share with our SAAS NORTH community are success stories – opportunities where connections resulted in measurable impact. Another story we recently learned about is with Toronto-based software platform HiMama who recently raised $7.5 million in a Series A round, led by Round 13 Capital.


We had a chance to speak with Bruce Croxon and Brahm Klar from Round 13 Capital and glean some insights into how HiMama approached them as potential investors at SAAS NORTH. 


As Round 13 is primarily focused on B2B companies, they know that SAAS NORTH is one of the best events in Canada to connect with companies in this space. Investors value the importance of putting a face to a name, as a first step in what could prove to be a long-lasting, fruitful relationship. As Bruce to succinctly noted, “we are all busy, but it’s important to take some time to actually work on your business. If you’re fundraising or not, you get to meet all the people that will allow you to start the process and relationship early”.


Now of course, Round 13 knew about HiMama, through other activities they had been engaged in to raise their profile. They were a passionate team who built a platform for early childhood education teachers to connect with parents and keep them apprised of their child’s activities and progress. It was their deep commitment that really caught the attention of Bruce and Brahm, so when they met in-person at SAAS NORTH, the relationship really took off from there.


Bruce and Brahm also shared that making sure to set up appointments ahead of an event such as SAAS NORTH, will help you be better prepared and manage your time very intentionally. And finally, they noted that setting up relevant appointments, doing your homework and learning as much as you can about prospects can help you identify, from the outset, if your values are aligned and the partnership makes sense.


Round 13 believes in focusing not just on capital but on partnerships, and while it takes time to find the right fit, SAAS NORTH can help you facilitate these impactful relationships. 


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