Yiorgos Boudouris


Yiorgos is a Toronto based recruitment manager with over 10 years of experience working in a variety of industries.

His mission is to help attract, develop and retain great teams. Yiorgos is also passionate about bringing people together and finding opportunities that help make a difference at work.


What makes Yiorgos an expert?

Founder of Acts of Greatness, a non-profit that offers community awards to LGBTQ youth celebrating their accomplishments. Winner of Workforce Magazine 2014 Game Changers Award

My Sessions

Breakout: Recruiting & Building A World Class Team: There are times when you ought to consider hiring outside the lines.

Room 208

To find the right people for your organization, sometimes you need to think outside the box and look in places you never thought to before. Whether you are scaling with remote teams, or looking to attract foreign talent, knowing how to equip your organization to recruit the best and brightest, is both an art and […]