Tom Petryshen

Data Collective

Tom is the founder of Data Collective, a boutique agency focused on helping SaaS businesses turn marketing, operational and customer-centric data into insights and actions that drive better business outcomes.

What makes Tom an expert?

3 time founder and data expert

My Sessions

The Data Sessions Presented by Microsoft: Solving the Attribution Challenge with Real Time Analytics


Businesses struggle to understand all the touchpoints a potential customer encounters throughout the customer journey. To understand better understand the journey and target the right type of customers, you need to capture, assign value and analyze the journey across channels in real-time. This session will dive into the analytics platforms that allow to you capture […]


The Data Sessions Presented by Microsoft: Know Your Risks: Comprehensive Strategies for Privacy & Data


Having a strategy for how to manage your data and mitigate risks in a global marketplace is essential to scaling your growth globally. What systems should you be implementing and why? In this session, experts will discuss strategies and implementation for Privacy & Data, and how they scaled their approach. What business units were impacted […]