Tamara Grominsky


Tamara Grominsky builds product marketing and growth teams that drive go-to-market strategy and revenue acceleration.

She has a breadth of experience in bringing new products to market, positioning existing products for expansion, and unlocking growth through a product-led approach.

Tamara is an expert-in-residence at the Product Marketing Alliance, and was ranked one of the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers of 2020. She’s currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce and previously led product marketing teams at FreshBooks and Yellowpages.

My Sessions

How to Build a Product & Category in Parallel


Achieving product-market fit is the ultimate goal for startups and also scale-ups looking to launch new product lines. But what comes first: the product or the market? This session will cover how to bring customers, market and product development together into one cohesive and cross-functional strategy that will accelerate your go-to-market and maximize your chance of success. Tamara and Chris will share […]