Scé Pike


Scé Pike started her career in the 90s in Silicon Valley, designing and developing the 1st e-commerce sites for GM, HP, Blue Cross, and others. Later she helped to pioneer Smart Phones at Palm where she worked on the first WiFi and BT pairing user experience. She was recruited by Qualcomm and later by Amp’d Mobile, the 1st video first MVNO. In 2007, Scé started her own company, Citizen, which initially focused on Smart Phone products and later on Internet of Things (IoT) products such as Connected Car & Connected Health. Scé successfully sold Citizen to Ernst & Young. While developing IoT products for these industries at Citizen, she realized that there was a lack of IoT solutions designed specifically for the Multi-Family-Home Industry, (which is double the size of Commercial Office Space at 22B square feet.) In 2014, she founded IOTAS, a turn-key, smart apartment platform to help the MFH industry increase revenue and save costs and allow 3rd parties to easily deploy IoT solutions focusing on residential real estate. IOTAS has been recognized by Fortune, Wired, Gigaom, ABC, NBC, FastCo and more as the new way of building and renovating residential real estate.

IOTAS has installations in over 40 cities, in over 70 buildings, and has sold over 100,000 smart devices to the MFH industry. IOTAS is funded by Oregon Venture Fund, 1843 Capital, Scrum Ventures, Rogue Ventures and Intel.

What makes Scé an expert?
Pioneering in Smart Home Technology, Portland based IOTAS raised $4.5 MM from Intel Capital. Sce Pike is also an Angel investor.

My Sessions

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