Riaz Sidi


With 10+ years as an accomplished, bold, and dynamic sales and marketing leader, I have trained 500+ advertising professionals in 30 cities across Canada to sell online advertising to grow businesses.

I drive results for entrepreneurs, business owners, sales executives, and marketers; building out performance-based digital sales and marketing strategies.

Despite my extensive leadership experience, I pride myself on rolling up my sleeves and getting in the trenches having made:

• tens of thousands of cold calls;
• serving millions of digital marketing impressions;
• and facilitating hundreds of successful sales and marketing workshops across Canada.

My greatest accomplishment is my ability to balance technical prowess with client-facing personality.

Having conducted thousands of marketing needs assessments and sales presentations, I treat every business and every single marketing dollar with the greatest of respect to generate return on investment and to significantly grow your business using modern strategies and tactics.

My Sessions