Phil Gamache


Phil Gamache leads Acquisition and Marketing Automation at Klipfolio, a saas company in Ottawa. His team wears many hats from managing the automation platform and all nurture workflows to building lead generation campaigns and testing conversion rate optimization ideas. He’s driven by integrating empathetic communication throughout the entire customer journey and is passionate about the intersection of creativity, technology and analytics to foster the use of data to drive decisions.

What makes Phil an expert?

Digital marketing pro and Tefler School of Management (University of Ottawa) Marketing Technology & Automation Instructor, now leading digital marketing at Klipfolio which has an estimated $13+ Million ARR

My Sessions

Breakout: How to Maximize The Flywheel Approach and use Customer Feedback that Will Make You More Money

Room 208

The process of how customers feed your growth is top of mind for every for every Founder, Marketer or Sales Exec, with the ever elusive question of “what can you do to remove friction points?” continuing to be your nemesis. A controversial approach to attracting and captivating your next round of customers, moves away from […]