Patrick Desrochers


Patrick Desrochers’ passion is rooted in helping SMB’s successfully navigate the web. The 12+ years of digital marketing experience in leadership roles, six years of sales experience as a top performer, and having spoken with thousands of business owners, have developed his unique character profile. Patrick’s extensive knowledge as it relates to developing a winning product mix — specifically suited to SMB’s — is unparalleled.

As the President of Ubiweb Media, he shares the unwavering vision, alongside his team, to make Ubiweb the largest web agency in North America — and a brand synonymous with digital marketing for SMB’s.

My Sessions

Navigating the Capital Conundrum: A Discussion on When, How and Why to Raise Capital to Grow your Business


It is a challenge for bootstrapped entrepreneurs to know WHEN the best time is to raise capital and to evaluate the different capital options available to determine what is best to drive growth.  The Canadian tech ecosystem is flush with liquidity at present and lenders, VCs and other investors alike are competing for the best businesses. Hear from […]