Narjes Boufaden


Narjès has always been passionate about artificial intelligence and machines capable of understanding and interacting with humans. Her early addiction to the cult series Star Trek has no doubt something to do with this.

After an engineering degree in computer science, she specialized in Natural Language Processing and completed a PhD in 2005. Her expertise was and remains the development of new algorithms to analyze and mine human conversations.

Among the first researchers in this emerging field, she has published numerous articles on NLP, machine learning and text mining from conversational texts.

After several years working in university labs, she founded Keatext in 2010.

My Sessions

How do you know you have an AI problem? – Presented by Microsoft


This session, presented by Microsoft, features Kerry Liu, CEO Rubikloud, Michael Weider, CEO, Clearwater Clinical, Narjes Boufadenm, Founder & CEO, Keatext, and Yevgeniy Vahlis, Director of Applied Machine Learning, BorelisAI will explore the practical applications for adopting AI into your SaaS offering. Understanding what AI is and how it will improve your business can help […]