Meredith Powell

Voyager Capital

Meredith spent the first 12 years of her career in the fast-paced fashion industry travelling the globe unearthing emerging consumer products and platforms, creating go to market strategies & executing on multi-million dollar launches into new markets.

Born out of her apartment, Meredith’s brand & business sister agencies grew to serve the likes of Amazon, Nordstrom,

Urban Outfitters, Isetan and H&M as well as to be featured by the likes of Vice, Glamour, Elle, and The NY Times.

In 2012, Meredith was tapped by the past Publisher of Vogue to launch Shopthefloor.com, the world’s largest B2B wholesale apparel marketplace (acquired by UBM).

Today, Meredith stays busy as a national award-winning speaker, consultant & venture partner with Voyager Capital, as well as founder of a Next Gen startup incubator and youth fellowship. Over 50 portfolio companies graduated the incubator’s flagship program to date, raising nearly $10m in funding.

What makes Meredith an expert?
A fashion maven who launched Shopthefloor.com, the world’s biggest B2B wholesale apparel marketplace (acquired by UBM), now an award-winning speaker and active investor

My Sessions

Breakout: Finding the Right Partner That Will Help You Scale Can be the Difference Between Growing Quickly and Meaningfully or Getting Left Behind in a Cloud of Dust.


The best partners are strategic, mutually beneficial and aligned with your goals from the beginning. Your first task should include identifying who best fits with your objectives (and do you fit with theirs’s). Then you will need a roadmap to navigate this partnership and ensure the onboarding of your new relationship is well-managed for both […]