Lynsey Thornton


Originally from Ireland, and currently based in Vancouver, BC, Lynsey is the VP of UX & GM of Core Product at Shopify. With a background in design, project management, and business, she focuses on building UX teams and practices in high-growth tech companies. Her true loves are ethnographic research and developing women in tech.

Prior to leading her multidisciplinary team of front-end developers, designers, researchers and content strategists at Shopify, Lynsey designed gaming & gambling experiences. Similar to her path at Shopify, the gaming company she worked for also hadn’t done “UX Research” before. She created her first UX Research team there and has been building teams ever since. She not only leads the UX team at Shopify now, but also the Core Product teams who define and build the company’s core product.

What makes Lynsey an expert?

Six year veteran with Shopify, Lynsey leads both a team and a discipline at Shopify where she helps 100’s of shopifiers be successful in their roles as Product Designer, UX Developers/Researchers & Content Strategists.

My Sessions

Breakout: How To Fall in Love with your UX & Win More Customers

Room 206

There are a number of elements that make you a valuable UX designer: tools, methods, frameworks, processes, platforms. Not the least of which is the continual pursuit of the ultimate customer experience. The experts in this session will share how they have used grit, creativity, feedback and cross-collaboration, to scale products to the delight of […]