Lianne Vineberg


Lianne Vineberg is the Technical Talent Lead at Wealthsimple. Lianne is a people and talent leader who uses her experience in recruitment, talent management, and growth to build world-class teams. She has held leadership roles at Thorek/Scott & Partners, Hubba, and is currently the Technical Talent Lead at Wealthsimple.

Lianne believes that diverse perspectives, open communication, and individual empowerment lead to stronger teams and sustained growth. Her vision is to help organizations build cultures of excellence by balancing both employee needs and company goals. By inspiring leaders to change how they think about culture, talent, and leadership, she looks to build the most successful companies in Canada.

My Sessions

How Diversity and Inclusivity are Paramount in Scaling Your Product Team


Join Satish Kanwar, VP & GM of Channels, Shopify, Jeremy Bailey, Creative Director, Freshbooks, Andrea Corey, VP Product Development, Nudge.AI and Lianne Vineberg, Technical Talent Lead, Wealthsimple as they share their insights for managing the intersection of product design and team for high-velocity companies. They will discuss product road map strategies for helping your team deliver […]