Katy Innes


Katy is currently leading technical recruitment at Borrowell.

She has spent the past decade optimizing recruitment operations in both the nonprofit and tech sectors. She has scaled product development teams at NetSuite, Top Hat, and is now focused on building out the team at Borrowell.

Katy’s goal is to help others find success in Canada’s growing tech sector.

What makes Katy an expert?

Nearly 10 years as a recruiter in the tech sector, Katie has grown her career working with some of Canada’s fastest growing tech companies such as Netsuite, TopHat and now Borrowell

My Sessions

Breakout: Recruiting & Building A World Class Team: There are times when you ought to consider hiring outside the lines.

Room 208

To find the right people for your organization, sometimes you need to think outside the box and look in places you never thought to before. Whether you are scaling with remote teams, or looking to attract foreign talent, knowing how to equip your organization to recruit the best and brightest, is both an art and […]