Justin Beals

Strike Graph

Justin is the Co-Founder & CEO of Strike Graph, a security compliance company, which he incubated at Madrona Venture Labs in early 2020. As a serial entrepreneur with expertise in AI, cybersecurity and governance, he started Strike Graph to eliminate the confusion related to cybersecurity audit and certification processes. He likes making arcane cybersecurity standards plain and simple to achieve. As the CEO, Justin organizes strategic innovations at the crossroads of cybersecurity and compliance and focuses on helping customers get outsized value from Strike Graph. He also sets a foundational culture of employee growth. Based in Seattle, he previously served as the CTO of NextStep and Koru, which won the 2018 Most Impactful Startup award from Wharton People Analytics. Justin is a board member for the Ada Developers Academy, VALID8 Financial and Edify Software Consulting. He is the creator of the Training, Tracking & Placement System US Patent and the author of “Aligning curriculum and evidencing learning effectiveness using semantic mapping of learning assets,” which was published in the International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJet). Justin earned a BA in English and Theater from Fort Lewis College.


My Sessions

Demystifying Enterprise Sales: How to Get to “Yes” Faster with Financial Institutions and Other Large Companies


B2B SaaS sales can be a long, lonely, and tiring job, especially when you are selling to large enterprises and financial institutions. What may look like an obvious win can get dragged out over compliance-related questions and reviews, integration problems, needing to coordinate between multiple departments, etc. In this panel discussion, we will dive into […]