Julie Lacasse


As Vice President of Operations, Julie’s priority is to ensure efficiency across the company and smooth running of TrackTik’s activities.

For many years, she has held a number of roles: Head of Business Development, Talent Management, Leading the Customer Success & Solutions teams, and Heading Legal, Procurement and Finance. In addition, she is a key player in the company’s vision and strategy and provides employees with a work environment that allows them to hone their technical skills and develop as seasoned professionals.

Julie brings with her more than 10 years of experience in Marketing & Sales, Software Implementation, HR and Management.  Her diverse experience allows her to contribute to different facets of the company’s success. Julie’s unparalleled attention to detail and her ability to analyze and solve complex issues has made her an irreplaceable asset for the future of TrackTik.

What makes Julie an expert?

Co-Founder & VP Operations, raised $45 million in Series B financing early 2019 and driving over $12 million ARR

My Sessions

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Room 206

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