John Sicard


John assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of Kinaxis in January 2016. With over twenty years’ tenure at Kinaxis, John first started at the company as a key contributor to the architecture and development of Kinaxis’ supply chain management solutions in early 1994, and has since held a number of senior management roles in development, professional services, business consulting, sales, marketing and customer support. Prior to his current appointment, John was Chief Products Officer, overseeing all aspects of the product life cycle, including product vision and strategy, design and development, product management and quality assurance.

What makes John an expert:
After raising $33 Million, they IPO’d in 2014 and now are $156 Million in revenue and have a $2.9 Billion market cap

My Sessions

Keynote Sponsored by KPMG: The Secrets of Enterprise Class SaaS


Now driving towards $183+ Million in revenue with over $2 Billion market cap, Kinaxis CEO John Sicard will share his experiences in building an Enterprise Class SaaS company over the past 15 years.