Jocelyn Brown


As SVP, Customers and Revenue, Jocelyn Brown is dedicated to helping Allocadia’s customers achieve the highest levels of Marketing Performance Management and maximize the business value of their investments.

In her role, she oversees marketing, sales, partner and customer success teams to provide an exceptional customer experience. Her teams provide a seamless and value-driven experience to every customer, from initial interest though their continued growth, to best support their progression through the stages of budgeting, planning and performance excellence.

Having spent more than 17 years in the B2B and SaaS spaces, Jocelyn brings extensive experience building and managing high-performing customer success teams that drive recurring revenue and value, and develop life-long customers. Most recently she spent 9 years at Eloqua in customer success and global market readiness roles.

What makes Jocelyn an expert?

CRO Allocadia, Jocelyn leads with a customer-centric philosophy. Oracle and Aloqua. creators of the #RunMarketing movement, announced that $25 billion in global marketing budget dollars have been managed through its award-winning platform by over 10,000 marketers, demonstrating the rapid growth and adoption of MPM among organizations

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