Irene Zhou


Irene Zhou is the Canada Accounts Lead for Plaid. Her team is focused on establishing new and expanding existing relationships with Canadian fintech companies and financial institutions. Prior to leading the Canadian team, Irene worked closely with some of Plaid’s most strategic North American customers and led new market development initiatives. Before joining Plaid, Irene helped lead business development and strategy for Maximus, a large government services company in the business process management and technology solutions space.

My Sessions

Demystifying Enterprise Sales: How to Get to “Yes” Faster with Financial Institutions and Other Large Companies


B2B SaaS sales can be a long, lonely, and tiring job, especially when you are selling to large enterprises and financial institutions. What may look like an obvious win can get dragged out over compliance-related questions and reviews, integration problems, needing to coordinate between multiple departments, etc. In this panel discussion, we will dive into […]