Felicia Bochicchio


Felicia Bochicchio is the Chief Revenue Officer at Unbounce, the leading landing platform for marketers. With more than 25 years of high-tech sales and marketing experience, Felicia has a rare talent for developing high-performance teams and transforming small and medium-sized technology startups into aggressive-growth companies. As the former Vice President of Sales Strategy at the Active Network, Felicia supported the company’s expansion from its early dot-com startup days to its rise as a $400 million dollar company trading on the NASDAQ. At Unbounce, she leads the entire customer journey from marketing to customer expansion and is hyper-focused on scaling business growth. As a mom, successful technology executive and ex-entrepreneur, Felicia believes in having a bias-for-action, regularly iterating your lifestyle and escaping to the mountains (from time to time) to clear your mind and plan for the future. 

What makes Felicia an expert?

Led sales teams for some of Canada’s fastest-growing SaaS companies, now at Unbounce driving revenues in excess of $25 Million ARR.

My Sessions

Breakout: How Management Teams Use Metrics to Drive High Performing Cultures

Room 208

Establishing a common understanding of culture and the metrics to quantify it becomes more challenging as your company grows and you have more moving parts. Alignment around vision, strategy and shared behaviors are foundational to scaling sales, teams and performance. Then you need to get everyone moving in the agreed upon direction with minimal friction and […]