Diana Goodwin

MarketBox and AquaMobile

Diana Goodwin is Founder & CEO of Toronto-based MarketBox. Diana initially founded AquaMobile, a platform to find swimming instructors on-demand for your pool at home which now spans Canada, the United States and Australia. The AquaMobile software gave her the opportunity to start and spin out a new company, MarketBox, a B2B SaaS product which enables service-based marketplaces and businesses to grow and scale their businesses.

What makes Diana an expert?
Doubling down on her success with AquaMobile, Diana launched MarketBox, due to customer demand for a PaaS solution that was as results driven as her first product. Dian bootstrapped AquaMobile and scaled it to over 7 figures in ARR.

My Sessions

Breakout: The Essentials to Building a Platform As A Service Marketplace


The Essentials to Building a Platform As A Service Marketplace. The popularity of on-demand service marketplaces is definitely on the rise! To a large extent this can be attributed to the booming on-demand economy. Coming up with a sound strategy you can scale, leverages the right framework and keeps your customers front and centre is […]