Daniel ‘Tuba’ D’Souza


Tuba is the CEO and Co-Founder of Crescendo, a Slack-based platform for diversity education with clients across Canada and the US. Selected by RBC as a ‘Next Generation Disrupter”, Daniel has spent the last year speaking with researchers and industry leaders from the United States, India, Japan, and Italy to understand how globalization is changing the way companies design, sell, and market themselves. Most recently speaking at the Entrepreneurship Summit held in Mumbai, India, Daniel’s passion is driven from his experience trying to balance his heritage and identity as a first-generation Canadian.

What makes Daniel an expert?

Powering the Diversity & Inclusion education platforms for Wealthsimple, ASICS Digital, Fiix Software and many more.

My Sessions

Breakout: Scaling Culture Through Conversations: A Guide to Building Strong Remote & Dispersed Teams

Room 213/215

Scaling your operations globally means that people are more likely than ever to work with people they may never meet in real life. This panel discussion will dive into a few case studies with remote and dispersed companies that have taken steps to strengthen their culture through storytelling and conversations using various tools. A the […]