Dana Parsons

Highline BETA

Every day, Dana is helping awesome startups scaleup at Highline BETA with Commercial Deal Accelerators.

Having been a founder and a portfolio manager, Dana is passionate about acceleration and relationship management between innovative startups and corporations. Creating win-win relationships is my passion.

What makes Dana an expert?

Serial entrepreneur and now leading Highline Beta’s partnership Anheuser-Busch InBev Internal Accelerator Program

My Sessions

Breakout: Finding the Right Partner That Will Help You Scale Can be the Difference Between Growing Quickly and Meaningfully or Getting Left Behind in a Cloud of Dust.

Room 206

The best partners are strategic, mutually beneficial and aligned with your goals from the beginning. Your first task should include identifying who best fits with your objectives (and do you fit with theirs’s). Then you will need a roadmap to navigate this partnership and ensure the onboarding of your new relationship is well-managed for both […]