Chris Brownlee


I live for launch day. That spine-tingling sensation of launching a new product and/or partnership that drives value, revenue, and solves a problem.

With a start on the engineering side of the house, I developed a strong technical underpinning that has served me well as I have moved into the customer and business side of Product, accumulating experience from Business Development, Project Management and Business Analysis roles before my move into Product Management; Specializing in Software as a Service for consumers, SMBs and the largest of global enterprises.
Over the years I have developed a well-rounded and unique skill-set that gives me insight to the entire spectrum of SaaS operations.

I love working with smart, talented people to build products and companies that solve problems and have impact. I’m passionate about the connection between technology and people, building successful partnerships and products, and most of all: launch day.

My Sessions

How to Build a Product & Category in Parallel


Achieving product-market fit is the ultimate goal for startups and also scale-ups looking to launch new product lines. But what comes first: the product or the market? This session will cover how to bring customers, market and product development together into one cohesive and cross-functional strategy that will accelerate your go-to-market and maximize your chance of success. Tamara and Chris will share […]