Chivon John

Even though your hustle is real, your struggle and stress don’t have to be. My mission is to help entrepreneurs and ambitious professionals bridge the gap between their ambition and wellbeing.

As a Wellbeing Strategist
Your wellbeing should not come at the expense of your ambition and through a strategic focus on self care, self-awareness and systems, I help individuals work smarter, experience more joy and discover more meaning in their work.

As a Speaker and Podcast Host
In a world that encourages wearing our accomplishments and accolades as badges of honour, I’m passionate about pulling back the curtain on what is revered as success (money, power and ‘likes’) to reveal a life of more meaning and purpose. My speciality is leading workshops and talks on mental health & wellness, self care and workplace wellbeing.

As an Advocate
I’ve created events and mentorship opportunities for part-time entrepreneurs. My most notable accomplishments include creating Canada’s first Side Hustle Week, representing Canada as a delegate for the G20 YEA Summit in Beijing, China, and being selected as the Toronto Ambassador for the United Nations Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in 2016.

As a Global Wellness Specialist
I’ve extended my passion for helping folks be well in their careers and lives at Shopify where I champion the global wellness strategy for our international workforce. I’m also experienced in remote work practices and my insight on this topic have been featured in the Globe and Mail, Quartz and Fast Company.

My Sessions

Shopify Workshop on Wellness: Hustling with Intention

Room 201

Research shows that over the last decade workplace stress has doubled, but even when we leave work the struggle continues. If you’re finding it difficult to juggle the different elements of your life, you’re not alone. 58% of Canadians report “overload” associated with their many roles –such as balancing work, home and family, friends, physical […]