Aydin Mirzaee


Aydin Mirzaee is the CEO of Fellow.app, a saas company in Ottawa. Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 which was responsible for running two very successful SaaS businesses, FluidSurveys and FluidReview. The company was bootstrapped and grew to a $12 million run-rate and over 90 people in staff. After 6.5 years, Fluidware was acquired by SurveyMonkey (the world’s leading online survey company). Aydin served as GM of SurveyMonkey, and is now CEO of Fellow.app, a saas company in Ottawa.

Aydin is also the co-founder of FreshFounders.com, a non-profit organization with the vision to create a community of young entrepreneurs in every city around the world.

What makes Aydin an expert?
Top 40 under 40 recipient, bootstrapped his first company, growing it to just under 100 people before it was acquired by SurveyMonkey. He is now onto his 2nd Startup.

My Sessions

Breakout: Scaling Culture Through Conversations: A Guide to Building Strong Remote & Dispersed Teams

Room 213/215

Scaling your operations globally means that people are more likely than ever to work with people they may never meet in real life. This panel discussion will dive into a few case studies with remote and dispersed companies that have taken steps to strengthen their culture through storytelling and conversations using various tools. A the […]