Aydin Mirzaee


Helping managers and their teams work better together @ Fellow.app.

I’m a tech loving entrepreneur with a passion for building great products, leadership and people. Previously , I was the co-founder and co-CEO of Fluidware, maker of FluidSurveys.com and FluidReview.com. With a team of incredibly talented people, we grew Fluidware (without external Angel/VC) into a very profitable and rapidly growing SaaS business with over $10M+ in annual recurring sales and over 75 people in staff. We subsequently had a very successful acquisition to the world’s largest survey company: SurveyMonkey. After spending some time helping with the integration of FluidSurveys into SurveyMonkey, I served as General Manager of FluidReview and the Ottawa office.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams in Product Management, Product Marketing, Engineering Management, Outbound & Inbound Sales, Enterprise Sales, Customer Onboarding, Customer Services, Churn Management and Growth Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (paid acquisition), Lead Nurture, Content Marketing / Demand Generation, Conversion Optimization.

I’m a big believer in fostering entrepreneurship and spend most of my time outside of work with organizations such as Fresh Founders, Invest Ottawa, SaaSNorth Conference, University of Ottawa Engineering and C100.

My Sessions

How Fellow App Prepared for its $24 Million Series A Fundraise


Canadian companies are raising growth rounds left and right, and it’s so exciting to see Fellow’s $24 million Series A round added to that list. While COVID-19 tailwinds helped the company close a round in just two weeks, Aydin, CEO and co-founder (and 6x SAAS NORTH emcee) credits the company’s intense 30-day preparation process as a huge factor in […]