Anna Lambert


Anna started at Shopify in 2011 as an intern – if you get the chance, ask her about the infamous assassin game. During her days as an intern, she started an awesome blog called Little Miss Shopify, detailing her experiences. Check it out here! She then moved on to work with some of our Shopify Partners on the kickass Platform Team and eventually joined the Talent Acquisition team in May of 2013. She is now the Director of Talent Acquisition.

Anna is originally from the town of Goderich, which she has claimed is the prettiest town in Canada. If you’re ever out that way, she says you’re in for some beautiful sunsets.

Some fun facts about Anna are that she can fly (and land) a plane, she’s an avid runner, and she’s survived two tornadoes and a cyclone (one of which while blasting Taylor Swift in her car to distract herself from the potential of death). She also owns her own company selling some stellar snapbacks. They were even featured at Toronto Fashion Week!

Anna is an incredibly passionate and caring person. She gets totally invested in everything she does and she is hella good at getting shit done. You can tell whenever she’s on a roll because you’ll hear her squeals of excitement from miles away.

Anna loves what she does, but if you really want to see her eyes light up, start a discussion with her about women, diversity, and equality in the workplace.

As an interview veteran, Anna’s advice for interviews with her are to be yourself, try not to be too nervous, and to both leave having learned something.

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