Amber Mac

Fast Company

Amber Mac is an entrepreneur (Konnekt & AmberMac Media), innovation keynote speaker (@TheLavinAgency), and bestselling author. She hosts TV shows and appears as an expert on networks such Bloomberg TV (here) and CNN (here). Amber is the executive producer of nextMEDIA (a popular two-day event about the future of television).

She writes, hosts, and produces online shows for Fast Company, among other media outlets, which Konnekt produces.

Amber is the author of social media business book, Power Friending (Globe & Mail national bestseller) and co-author with Internet security expert Michael Bazzell of Outsmarting Your Kids Online. She has keynoted more than 300 events as an exclusive speaker with The Lavin Agency (watch Amber talk about micro social networks here here). Topics include Innovation, Digital Marketing, and the Internet of Things. She also delivers workshops about how to use social media platforms.

Amber started her digital career at Razorfish-San Francisco during the dot-com boom; during this time, she also worked as the director of online marketing at an e-procurement start-up and worked for Microsoft. She began her television career as co-host with tech guru Leo Laporte on G4TechTV, anchoring more than 500 episodes of Call for Help (among other programs).

Amber’s company, Konnekt http://www.konnektnow.com, launched in 2007 and includes clients such as Tony Robbins, Rogers, Microsoft, Canada Goose, American Dental Association, Genumark, among others.

She has a post-graduate degree in Journalism and an undergraduate degree in English.

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